BFL, a leader in leisure culture that becomes one with nature.


Beautiful Life

Life is beautiful! Life with a loved one is beautiful! Our life, who knows how to enjoy nature,
Is beautiful! Life with BFL is beautiful

  • Ownership

    Talent who continuously strives to provide the best products based on constant learning and expertise Talent who takes pride in the company and challenges with passion and conviction.

  • Challenge spirit

    Talent who constantly studies without complacency Talent who applies creative thinking to work without fear of failure.

  • Community awareness

    Talents who think about us more than me and communicate and collaborate creatively and creatively Talent who grasps customer's NEEDS and actively collaborates for goals.

  • Creativity

    Accepting new things and being creative, Talent who strives to create new values through an enterprising corporate culture.

We will grow together based on our best expertise and trust.