BFL, a leader in leisure culture that becomes one with nature.


Happiness to be one with nature! This is the challenge that BFL wants to go.

As a traditional Korean brand that manufactures camping and outdoor products in order to pursue happiness in harmony with nature. We will provide high-quality products and services to our customers with differentiated products and reasonable prices, and further enhance our competitiveness in the global market. We will become a company that cherishes meeting and trust, and a company that grows together with employees. Please watch and support the challenge and efforts of BFL.

  • Company Name

    BFL Co., Ltd.

  • Founded

    April 19, 2008

  • CEO

    Kwak Min-ho

  • Employee

    50 People

  • Capital amount

    KRW 990,000,000

  • BFL

    The symbol is the symbol of the horn of a buffalo cow, and as the slogan of'Beautiful Life' means, let's enjoy life in camping and outdoors in nature with important people, and it is a commonly used CI in BFL.


    This CI is used for camping goods, such as tents, tables and countertops, chairs (including armrests) and cabinets, copels and tableware, lanterns and burners, and beds and sleeping bags.


    CI used for mountaineering clothing, hiking boots, backpacks, hats and scarves, gloves, socks and protectors.