BFL, a leader in leisure culture that becomes one with nature.

CEO Message


BFL Co., Ltd. is a domestic camping brand that has been loved for over 30 years with the BUFFALO / BFL OUTDOOR brand.

Daejeon World Expo and World Jamboree Official Tent have already proved their excellence, and the tent part GD Mark and ISO 9001/ISO14001 acquisition have been recognized for its quality level. The newly launched “BFL OUTDOOR”, which was launched in 2008 as an outdoor specialty, is also steadily growing, and is working to develop overseas markets with more than 10 own brand units. BFL will lead consumers to a world of leisure and culture that is richer and more pleasant for customers, companies, and nature to share with each other and to live with nature. In order to provide a comfortable and comfortable environment even in the open air, we are doing our utmost to satisfy our customers, from precise product design and simple design, to higher quality control and after-sales service. BFL always thinks from the customer's point of view, communicates, and will do our best to thank customers.
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